Retained expert in over 50+ cases.   Testified in Superior Court (both court and jury trials) as well as arbitrations and at depositions numerous times.  Also have submitted written reports as RE expert in both courts cases and arbitrations.

Multiple Brokerage Aspects:  Active RE Broker in East Bay for 24 years;  transactions including sales residential and commercial real estate; including numerous commercial leases and refinancing, numerous sales of gas stations,  sales  to Japanese Nationals and corporations, including residential, commercial and developmental properties.  Representation of 100s of brokers/agents—both in residential and commercial transactions; lease and sublease transactions, involvement in hundreds of transactions as principal, broker, and attorney (including conducting as arbitrations and mediations)

Prior trial and deposition testimony includes numerous issues, good faith contract compliance, also -  regarding broker’s standard of care; financing issues, disclosure duties, fiduciary role of brokers, breach of Broker’s fiduciary roles, integration clause impact in Contracts, Agency issues, title issues, Options issues, mortgage brokerage issues, lender disclosure issues and many other complex areas of real property transactions.  Have been involved in hundreds of real estate transactions as broker, agent, lawyer, and principal.  Further, have represented Real Property General Partnerships as counsel, agent, and principal in numerous transactions.  Also, have testified in securities cases on items that constitute a “security.”

Private practice including all aspects real estate law, numerous residential transactions, commercial leasing, financing issues, including SBA loans for purchase of gas stations,  personal guarantees, disclosure, mediation, and civil litigation. Represented Oakland Association of Realtors as well as dozens of brokers statewide.  Additional practice of law generally involving real estate transactions as well as securities issues, e.g., drafting prospectuses for syndications, limited partnerships.  Conducted in excess 14 trials--including a 6-month jury trial re defective condominium project.  Additionally, conducted over 150 arbitrations & mediations for California Superior Courts, the AAA & NYSE & PSE and local bar associations; most recently arbitrated a contract dispute as called for in CAR purchase and sale agreement.

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